Meet the Potter

Paige at her kiln

It’s well known by perfectionists all over to be some of the finest and well-designed functional and artful pottery around.  The name is derived from the woman, although she lives not far from the town. The daughter of a portrait and landscape artist and Air Force officer, Paige’s artistic training comes through travels, exposure to art around the world at an early age and formal training at U.T. Austin (B.F.A. Studio Art), co-owning the Westbank Pottery on Shoal Creek in Austin, and various mentors who led her to sculpting and turning clay into wonderful works of art, many of which become functional art pieces pursued by many loyal followers.  A native Texan, Paige moved to Bastrop County in 1986.

Paige enjoys making abstracts, funky forms, well thought out functional ware and beautifully simple artwork in the form and glazes of her work.  After three decades, her pots are known by many and admired by the new, young and old.  Her followers find them at several very nice juried art shows throughout the year, notably at the Texas Clayfest at Gruene October 28 & 29th, the Laguna Gloria Art Museum show in Austin Thanksgiving weekend, the Texas Arts & Crafts Fair on Memorial Day weekend in Kerrville. Now Paige's art is on display 6 days a week at the new gallery located halfway between Bastrop and Smithville known as the Texas Kiln Products’ Mill Direct Outlet.   Her pottery workshop and gardens are secluded into the piney woods not far from the gallery.  Take a break and stop by and look at some classy pottery.  You won’t regret it.

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